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Apr 27 2017

Ioniplex translocates rapidly through cellular membranes which makes it highly bioavailable. Inside cells, it is capable of stimulating mitochondrial metabolism by up to 23%. Thus,…

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Apr 27 2017 offers visitors richer insight into the Company’s unique MBS products Totála® and IoniCell® health supplements

PHOENIX, AZ (April 21, 2017) – Mineral BioSciences®

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May 27 2016

A new patented fulvic ionic mineral, Mineral Biosciences® Ioniplex, is available for use in dietary supplements, beverages, and foods to help conquer today’s biggest nutritional…

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Mar 27 2016

PHOENIX, AZ (March, 2016) — Sugar is a bigger villain than fat in today’s diets,[1] and a leading researcher recently described it…