Animal Health

Animal health and well-being is a priority at Mineral BioSciences®. For over 40 years, we have researched, developed and patented a complex antioxidant with unparalleled bioactivity that has been proven to positively affect the health and vitality in animals, called BioVigor®.

The science behind BioVigor®

Its complex mixture is organically extracted from high grade carbon complexes formed naturally millions of years ago.  Our patented extraction process then extracts the organic materials and transforms them into a highly concentrated ionic mineral complex packed with antioxidants. Unlike any other on the market, it is extracted in an organic way that maintains its purity and high quality which is evident in its rich vibrant golden color which we refer to as the “Golden Standard.”

What makes BioVigor® unique

BioVigor® was developed to nutritionally support the health and well-being of animals. BioVigor® is highly bioavailable, which is the rate at which a substance can be absorbed by a living system (e.g. cells, tissues, organs, etc.). Due to its ionic properties, it also has the ability to penetrate membranes and cell barriers to deliver nutrients directly into the cells. Studies have shown BioVigor® energizes the cell at the mitochondrial level. As a result of adding BioVigor® to your feed rations or water, you get a bioactive carrier capable of transporting active ingredients to their desired destination at the cellular level.

Ranchers and farmers know that there are many external variables to consider, such as weather, crowding, quality of feed and water. If your animal has lower intake or gets stressed by extreme heat or cold weather, the result is less production which ultimately affects your return on investment.

Dairy cow trial data

Mineral BioSciences® has conducted a number of studies on dairy farms, including milk production, its effects on nutrition, behavior patterns, and more. If you are interested in speaking with our in-house nutritionist, you’d like more information on our trial data results, or if you’re interested in a trial, please contact us.

Health and husbandry for livestock and performance animals.

BioVigor® can add value to your feed rations and is available in both liquid and dry form.

Mineral BioSciences® offers:

  • BioVigor® Dairy for bovine and their offspring
  • BioVigor® Poultry for all breeds and varieties of poultry and their young
  • BioVigor® Swine for swine and their offspring
  • BioVigor® Vet for personal or performance horses

If you would like more information or you are interested in using BioVigor®, please contact us!