About Us

Mineral Biosciences® is an affiliate of the larger Global Organics Group of companies, strictly focused on human and animal wellness. Mineral Biosciences® was founded by Roger Blotsky and is based on the belief that “Nature Knows Best”, considering both himself and the company “stewards of the environment”.

Global Organics® first began as an agriculturally focused company; however it was quickly realized that environmentally friendly and natural products were needed in other industries as well. Mr. Blotsky then began Mineral Biosciences® as an effort to better both human and animal health by making natural ionic minerals and the power of fulvic acid readily available to many other industries.

For more than 20 years, Mineral BioSciences® has been providing brand-enriching solutions on an international basis, with nutrient-rich minerals as a signature ingredient, that have proven nutritional and biological health benefits based on their bioavailable properties. Products that have been developed through our patented extraction methods and processing are GRAS affirmed, Kosher Certified and are refined in state-of-the-art USDA permitted laboratories.

Combined with the Integrated Life Science Research Center®, an associate branch committed to the discovery, research and development of our products, Mineral BioSciences® constantly strives to be an evolving life sciences company, focused on enhancing the application of minerals throughout a multitude of industries.

Awards & Certification