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Mineral BioSciences® natural ionic extraction process is present in our specialized formulations for overall health, athletic enhancement, diabetes management, healthy aging, and personal care. These formulations can be used in a variety of industries, to bring enhanced benefits to any product line.  As an ingredient manufacturer, we will work with you to incorporate our ionic minerals into your finished products, or assist in creating new products capitalizing on the strength of our organic, ionic mineral formulations.  All of our formulations are: built on our exclusive patented technology, GRAS Affirmed and Kosher Certified, GMO free, appropriate for Vegan diets, and do not contain Caffeine, Guarana, Sugar, Sucralose, Soy or Gluten.


Glyde D® Defends Against Death by Sugar*

PHOENIX, AZ (August, 2016) — An overload of added sugar can increase risk of death from heart disease by nearly 40 percent, according to research by the Centers for...

Ioniplex™ An ionic mineral complex

Glycation, pronounced “gly-kay-shun” is a condition in our bodies that can damage organs and contribute to disease and health issues, such as: diabetes, inflammation, nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, skin...