Totála® Cellular Health Protects Muscles against Sugar Damage*

Jul 27, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ (July, 2016) — The human body has more than 600 muscles, which enable it to breathe, pump blood, move freely, lift things, and lead an active lifestyle.[1]Excess sugar, all too common in today’s diets, damages muscles, making them stiff and weak,[2] but a new fulvic ionic mineral complex can help. Mineral Biosciences®Totála® Cellular Health protects against excess sugar damage and enhances the results of nutritious food choices and exercise to maintain healthy muscles and strength.

Why Sugar Damages Muscles

Researchers at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, studied differences in muscle properties and strength among two groups: younger people with an average age of 25, and an older group with an average age of 78. All were in good health. Although muscles naturally shrink with age, this alone did not explain the degree of decreased strength and power among the older people.

HowTotála Cellular HealthWorks

Totála Cellular Health contains Ioniplex®, a naturally-sourced fulvic ionic mineral. It contains at least 65 major, minor, and trace minerals in an “ionic” form, meaning very small particles that are more easily absorbed throughout the human body than other types of minerals. They are extracted with a chemical-free process from ancient mineral deposits in the United States. Millions of years ago, these locations were covered in lush vegetation and, over time, became fossilized.

Scientific research has shown that Ioniplex maintains cellular health, increases mitochondrial metabolism and protects against cellular damage. Each of these factors are necessary for muscles to maintain their mass and vigor.

Two Delicious Flavors

Totála Cellular Health liquid supplement is available in two delicious flavors: Lemon-Lime, a citrus blend with a balance of sweet and sour, and Mango, with a smooth, sweet, tropical taste. Both are sweetened with monk fruit extract, a natural low-calorie alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Also called luo han guo, monk fruit is a small melon that was originally cultivated by Buddhist monks in southern China, centuries ago, for medicinal purposes. It has no known side effects.[3] Only a touch of monk fruit is needed, because it is approximately 100 to 250 times sweeter than sugar.[4]

How to Use Totála Cellular Health

Take 1 capful (1 ounce) per day.

Serve cold, straight out of the bottle or mixed with water or a fruit drink.

May be added to smoothies or protein shakes.

Refrigerate after opening.

Product Details

Product samples are available for media. Totála Cellular Health is:

Produced in the USA


Gluten free

Soy free

Caffeine free

Guarana free

Sugar free

Sucralose free



Tested for microbiological contaminants and heavy metals

Produced in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices

AboutMineral Biosciences

Mineral Biosciences is an affiliate of the larger Global Organics® Group of companies. Founded over 20 years ago on the belief that “Nature Knows Best®,” Global Organics develops signature mineral products that are proven to enhance the health of people, animals, and the environment.

For more information about Mineral BioSciences, product samples, or to interview Managing Partner/CEO, Luke Blotsky, please contact Sarah Van Wyk at or visit

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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