Ioniplex & Hair, Nails, Skin

May 2, 2017

To assess the effects of Ioniplex at different dosages on nail strength and growth, in addition to hair appearance, luster, thickness and skin condition. The study was conducted over six weeks in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled evaluation using three groups of healthy females with at least ten subjects in each group.

About Ioniplex

Ioniplex is a proprietary fulvic ionic mineral, containing upwards of 65 major, minor and trace minerals, which are sourced from unique mineraloid veins located throughout North America. Millions of years ago, these areas were lush with vegetation, that overtime, were compressed into the earth- forming carbon-based compounds known as “humates” or “humic substances” that are rich in minerals and fulvic acid. Mineral BioSciences® (MBS) carefully identifies, segregates and recovers this material and transports it to our state of the art facility in Goodyear, Arizona. Here it undergoes a complex, patented organic extraction process9 where the mineral rich fulvic material is extracted from the humic. The resultant product is analytically tested for quality assurance, then stored in bulk to eventually be bottled or dehydrated into a water-soluble powder, for use in a broad spectrum of health and personal care products.

Ioniplex contains naturally occurring fulvic acid, the result is an ionic material full of electrolytes, macro and micro-nutrients for optimal health. Some of the benefits of fulvic acid are: enhanced nutrient absorption, improved immune support and performance as a chelation agent.

Ioniplex & Hair, Nails, Skin
Description of Test

Two of the groups received Supplement A or Supplement B (Ioniplex at different dosages), and one group received Supplement C (water and flavoring) as a control. Nail, hair and skin conditions were evaluated visually by an expert evaluator and subjectively by panelists. Nail growth was measured instrumentally using digital photography and subsequent image analysis.


Nail Growth: Percent change as a function of time was observed to be 142% (Supplement A), 141% (Supplement B) and 129% (Supplement C).

Nail Strength: Treatment with Supplement A affected significant increases in mean Nail Strength at week six relative to baseline values.

Hair Appearance & Luster: Supplement A and Supplement B affected significant increases in the overall appearance of hair. Supplement B also significantly changed hair luster.

Hair Thickness & Condition: Supplement A significantly improved hair thickness at week six and hair condition with 14% overall improvement.

Skin Texture:Supplement A showed significant improvement in skin texture at the sixth week compared to the baseline, with an overall improvement of 33%.

About Mineral BioSciences

Mineral Biosciences is an affiliate of the larger Global Organics Group of companies. Founded over 20 years ago on the belief that “Nature Knows Best®,” Global Organics develops signature mineral products that are proven to enhance the health of people, animals, and the environment. For more information about Mineral BioSciences, or to interview Managing Partner/CEO, Luke Blotsky, please contact Sarah Van Wyk at or visit

To read more about our research with Ioniplex, check out our white paper: Ioniplex White Paper_1.25.17