Plant Health


Mineral BioSciences® natural solutions play a critical role as an intermediary ingredient for the production of several products in the BioFlora® line of plant nutrition. BioFlora® is the leading agricultural division of the Global Organics Group, with a combined 40 years of expertise. Supported by mineral technology, BioFlora® is able to safely innovate sustainable, environmentally friendly, agriculturally profitable, high quality products to better nurture the partnership between crops and soil.

The presence of these minerals allows for enhanced nutrient and essential element delivery – compared to standard agricultural products.
This is done through high chelating power, which allows the nutrients to more effectively penetrate and circulate through the plant.

Additional benefits of BioFlora® include:

  • Builds Brix Levels
  • Promotes protein production
  • Oxygen enhancement
  • Induces mineral uptake
  • Reduced wilting
  • Stimulates antibiotic protection
  • Complexes soil structure and microorganisms
  • Decreases toxin levels
  • Increases crop yield and quality