IoniCell® for Women - A success in the United Kingdom

Jun 4, 2018
IoniCell® for Women, the newest product introduced by Mineral BioSciences, has taken the United Kingdom by storm via the online retailer, Victoria Health.

PHOENIX, AZ (June 4, 2018) -IoniCell® for Women is marketed specifically for women’s health, with a focus on improving the condition of skin, hair and nails.  Scientific studies have shown: a 142% increase in nail growth, a 14% improvement in hair appearance, a 33% increase in skin texture and the ability to stimulate collagen formation by 30%.   The active ingredient for IoniCell® for Women is Ioniplex®, is a fulvic ionic mineral complex with 2 patents, 1 patent pending and over 15 scientific studies.  This highly bioavailable fulvic ionic compound, in addition to skin/hair/nails/collagen benefits, also provides cellular energy, detoxifies heavy metals and toxins from cells, provides cellular protection and reduces free radicals, among others.   IoniCell® for Women provides the ultimate in anti-aging protection.

Victoria Health is a major UK online retailer with a focus on health and beauty products.  IoniCell® for Women was first noticed by the owners of Victoria Health when they attended the Natural Products Expo West (Anaheim, CA), in early March, where it was being shown for the first time.

What followed was a series of purchase orders that effectively depleted the initial inventory.  UK national sales have been brisk and new records have been set for a new product launch, according to Victoria Health.   The Victoria Health May newsletter states that IoniCell® for Women is the “absolute epitome of the next-generation product in the hair, skin and nails category.”

IoniCell® for Women is currently available in the US on Amazon and, with inventory levels returning to normal, will soon be introduced to other US retailers.  It is available in bottles of 60 capsules, with a recommendation to take 2 per day as part of your morning and evening beauty routine.

About Mineral BioSciences 

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